Every day, jammers gathered on the bottom of Mt. Shiveer to complete the daunting task of breaking the seemingly fragile ice. But, as Jammers slowly returned to their den dejected at the end of the day, we've begun to wonder the ultimate legend: can you really break the ice? The red caution sign next to the ice pieces seems to say yes, and so do the cluster of Jammers hopping on the ice whenever you visit. Who began the rumor? Who was the first Jammer to break through the ice? Let's revisit the legend:

" In a peaceful Jamaa village a long time ago, there was a red panda who loved to climb trees in Mt. Shiveer. The Jamaa guardians, they loved to watch their little youngling red panda laughing in joy as he scaled the trees faster than all of them could. By and by, the red panda grew up, and he joined the rank of the guardians, receiving his own special power as the Guardian of Mt. Shiveer. Everything was peaceful and in harmony, food and resources were plentiful, until one day the phantom kings invaded. Storms and troops of phantoms followed their Kings into Jamaa, pillaging and turning buildings and towns into ruins.

The Jamaa Guardians, having been caught unaware by the attack, were all captured--with the exception of the red panda. He alone, having been inside when the phantoms attacked, escaped the capture. The phantoms, they love all the gems and riches, and under their ruling, all the riches from the scared animals were rounded up. Houses were taken over and villages ransacked. The red panda hid from places to places to evade the constant searches from the phantoms. One day, when the phantom could no longer store their treasures in their caves, they decided to carve a large whole deep into the mountainside of Mt. Shiveer and placed everything they hoarded in there. Being the guardian of Mt. Shiveer, the red panda felt the pain from having phantoms invading his own sacred land. 

The red panda countered attacked the very next day. The phantoms, minions and kings alike, were caught surprised. They thought they had rounded up all of the guardians. However, although the red panda had the advantage of surprise, he was quickly outnumbered. In the end, he lured the phantom kings into the cavern beneath the ice where all the treasures were stored and unleashed a powerful spell that put every living creature inside the cavern into a deep eternal sleep. They were all shrank in sizes until they were no more than a ladybug in size. When the phantom kings were put away, the Phantoms lost their leaders and their sense of purpose as well. They slowly drifted back to where they were spawned and the Jamaa guardians hurriedly rushed out to see the damages.  They mourned the sacrifice of the red panda for three days and three nights. With their heart heavy from bereavement, they began rebuilding the Jamaa that we know today.

Years later, they couldn't believe their eyes when they saw a baby young red panda climbing up the trees in Mt. Shiveer. Suddenly, they knew what to do. Legend has it that the red panda guardian hadn't wished to spend his eternity underneath the ice. Only the power of brave Jammers united can break the ice. The baby red panda will be the guiding light to end the era of phantom once and for all. Once the ice is broken, the phantom kings and the red panda will wake from their eternal sleep, and the brilliant power of the Jamma Guardians will vanquish the final shadow of darkness from Jamaa. "

The legend of Jamaa is in agreeance to the claim of treasure beneath the ice, so we are keen to as well. Breaking the ice requires dexterity, bravery, courage, and determination, Jammers. If even one of the Jammers hopping on that ice lacks any one of the traits that the red panda sought, the ice will not break. To break the ice, you must be a true believer in the legend. 

This was all fun and all, and really made my day, but seriously guys, you can't break the ice. As the previous person said: Unfortunately, it is impossible to break the ice at Mt. Shiveer.