AJ Alphas and Characters QuizA question about the game's grahpics.Animal Jam Answers Wiki
Are bronze giraffe statues beta?Are candy bowl's beta?Are cheetahs coming back to jamaa
Are phantom rugs beta?Are rare headdresses beta?Are tiki masks in the forgotten desert?
CAN U BREAK THE BRIDGE IN CORAL CANYONSCan You Break Mt.Shiveers Ice?Can you put rare spikes as a rare item Monday
Does AJ even CARE about non members?Does anyone have a RIM headdress for trade?Does the bridge break
Fair trades for long collarsGuilherbrossHow can i have diamonds?
How do i get a spikeHow do i play aj betaHow do you get free diamonds?
How do you get free raresHow do you put the drawn animals on the computerHow much is a founders' hat worth?
How rare is a sweet shop counterHow to get a headdressHow to get free diamonds
How to playIs a long wristband worth a short collar?Is rare monday only for member?
Is the Zios Mask or the member toquiose ring beta or rare?Is the light blue hidden color still in animaljamIs there a code for a headdress
Lailane12My AJ Account Will Not Let Me Go To My Den What Will I Do?My memer aj
New animal of 2015O animal jam travo como fasso para destravra agoraRomania30
WHY CANT WE HAVE FREE MEMBERSHIP?What are betasWhat are code for animal jam
What are feathered masks worth?What are rare spikes worthWhat are signs you got hacked
What are the raresWhat are the types of bansWhat do you get when the ice collapse?
What does black long wroth?What is a Rare Green Elf Helmet worth?What is a pale Werewolf mask worth?
What is the code in the return of the phantoms adventure? i heard it had something to do with how you unlock the bunnies or how you open the chests..What is the jamaaliday rescue?What is the new November 2015 animal?
What is the new September 2015 animalWhat time does AJHQ update?What would happen if the seal thing would open??
Whats a pink long worth?Whats worth is nm bow and arrowWhen does the headdress come out? And is it near halloween?
When your membership in animal jam expires do you lose your membership pets?Where can u get a headdressWho made animal jam??
Why EVERY monday the rare is for members!!!!Why are some of my AJ misspelling are considered not appropriate?Why can't we have more flying animals?
Why did they change all the words so we can't even say anythingWhy is my text delayed?Will WE See The Other Alphas In Adventures?
File:1404279670 FAQ.pngFile:Adventure Awaits ( AJ ).jpgFile:Ajlovesfreechat.jpg
File:Alphas.pngFile:AnimalJam 1.jpgFile:Awsedfvghbnj.png
File:Black longs.pngFile:Communitylogo.pngFile:Delayedtext.png
File:Moday rare headdres.jpgFile:PewDiePies-net-worth-.jpgFile:Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) -British Wildlife Centre-8.jpg
File:Screen Shot 2012-05-05 at 5.25.53 PM.pngFile:Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.27.25 PM.pngFile:Tumblr ojeaebX3rN1u2utggo1 500.png

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